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There are many steps to creating a healthy and attractive lawn.  Many property owners have a difficult time managing their lawn as their daily work and schedules may not allow them to take care of the basic needs for their yard, much less grooming. Moonlight has several programs available to help take the burden of lawn maintenance and grooming away. With experienced and professional service, Moonlight has proven and provided healthy and beautiful landscapes and lawn care. Below are the lawn care and landscaping programs available.

Lawn Care Programs



Weed Control & Fertilization

 1.   JAN /MARCH    

      -Apply pre-emergent to prevent spring weeds.

      -Apply post-emergent to kill winter weeds like Poa Annua.    

2.   MARCH / APRIL    

      -Apply post-emergent to kill any weeds that might be    


      -Spread organic fertilizer to get nutrients microbes in the soil so

       the lawn is ready for growing season.  

3.   APRIL / MAY

     -Apply pre-emergent for summer weeds.

     -Spot spray any weeds with post-emergent.

     -Spray lawn with liquid fertilizer to maintain a lush


4.   MAY / JUNE

      -Spot spray any weeds.

      -Apply liquid fertilizer to maintain a healthy lawn for



     -Spot spray weeds.

     -Apply additional liquid fertilizer with iron to help lawn

       prepare for fall season.

6.   SEPT /OCT

     -Apply pre-emergent to control winter weeds.

     -Apply post-emergent for any left over weeds like Nutsedge.

7.   NOV / DEC

     -Apply post-emergent to any weeds

     -Apply lime to correct soil pH so it will be ready for Spring

      growing season.



NINE Step 

Weed Control & Fertilization

 1.   JAN / MID FEB    

      -Apply post-emergent and pre-emergent to prevent and kill weeds

       that may be present.

 2.   MID FEB / MARCH 

      -Spot spray any weeds

      -Apply organic fertilizer to prepare lawn for spring.

3.   APRIL 

     -Apply pre-emergent for summer weeds.

     -Apply another application of organic fertilizer with higher

      nitrogen levels for faster green up.

4.   MAY 

      -Spot spray any weeds.

      -Apply liquid fertilizer with iron to prepare lawn for


5.   JUNE

     -Apply post-emergent for any weeds that may be present.

     -Apply liquid fertilizer to maintain a healthy lawn.


     -Spot spray weeds.

     -Apply liquid fertilizer with extra iron to help maintain green grass  

      during heat stress.


     -Apply pre-emergent to help prevent winter weeds.

     -Apply last application of liquid fertilizer to prepare lawn for winter.

8.   OCT / MID NOV
     -Spot spray weeds that may be present.

9.   MID NOV / DEC
     -Spot spray weeds that may be present.

     -Apply lime to prepare soil for spring


Landscape Programs

Standard pricing does not apply due to each yard being of different size and in need of different services. Please call to schedule a free consultation.

Call us now: (678) 773-4383

 1.   DESIGN    





      -Plants / Greenery



     -Scheduled Pruning

     -Disease Control and Treatment

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