Landscaping and Lawn Care


The term landscaping encompasses many aspects fo your yard. Landscaping does not just mean beautiful and well maintained  grass althouhgh that is very important. It is the appearance and enhancement of your property. Landscaping done properly will add value to your property. This is successful by altering its contours, planting trees, shriubs, flowers and/or adding hardscapes such as rock walls, rock/brick boarders, etc....

Landscaping and Lawn Care


Lawn Care

Landscaping involves maintaining the yard lawn that is pleasing to the eye. Maintaining an eye apealing lawn involves many factors.
  1.  Proper Mowing
  2.  Proper Fertilization
  3.  Disease Control (Fungus)
  4.  Pest Control (Chinch bugs and/or Fire Ants and more) 

Landscaping and Lawn Care

  • 20 years experience landscaping, gardens -   commercial and residential.

  • UGA Graduate

  • Agriculture Degree

  • Chemical Certified

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