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Don has lived in the Jackson County area since 1981 and is currently residing in Arcade, Georgia with his wife and three children. He graduated from UGA in 1985 with a degree in Agriculture. Don's education in Agriculture is what sets him apart from most Landscaping companies. His knowledge and special attention to the chemicals needed to keep a lawn healthy is not just a hobby, it is his background in education and his career as of now. 


Don Moon

Owner / Operator


Don enjoys the outdoors and prefers the hard work and fresh air over working indoors. He prides his work with professionalism and positive results and feedback from his customers. His eye for landscaping and yard management and maintenance is an asset to his business and a quality that his customers value. 

Moonlight Landscaping and Lawn Care

The Moon's

Family of Don Moon


Moonlight Landscaping and Lawn Care

Don lives with his family in Arcade, Georgia. The Moon family all contribute to Moonlight Landscaping and are excited about the growth of the family business. The Moon's are proud members of Maranatha Baptist Church in Jefferson, Georgia and believes their faith and trust in God has brought them to where they are suppose to be. Rachel, the oldest daughter (far right), is currently attending the University of Georgia Business Program while Rebecca and Charlie (Rebecca - 2nd to left, Charlie - bottom), attend Jefferson City Schools in Jefferson, Georgia. 

Left to Right - Don Moon (Owner), Carol Moon (Wife), Charlie Moon (Son), Rebecca Moon (Daughter), Rachel Moon (Daughter).

The Moom family does wish to extend their thanks to everyone that has contributed to the support of Moonlight Landscaping and Lawn Care, and to the Customers that have been blessings.  Don and his family look forward to continuous growth of the company and meeting more costomers and friends in the future. 
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